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For the trip to berlengas, comfortable / sporty clothes, a jacket, a bathing suit, walking shoes, water and sunscreen are recommended.

We advise you to plan your trip well in advance so that there is room for unforeseen circumstances. If you are not at the indicated time to check in, your trip cannot be rescheduled and you will lose the amount already paid.

Pregnant women and people with back problems should choose another vessel.

Changes must be requested by email with a minimum of 3 days before the date of travel. After that period, we do not accept changes.

In the event that there is no minimum number of passengers stipulated for the tour, we will contact those interested in offering alternatives or refunding the money.

In most of our tours people do not get wet, however there is always the possibility of catching splashes during the trip. For this reason, it is advisable to wear a waterproof jacket or windbreaker when crossing. In the event that many splashes are expected (windy days), covers will be distributed at the beginning of the trip.

Whenever forecasts indicate unfavorable sea and wind conditions, we do not make the crossing.

In the last 4 years, only 2 people have been sick!

Each passenger may bring a bag of luggage.

There is no bathroom on board, but it was never necessary either.

There is a paid car park next to the departure point. In the months of July and August they are often full. On the location map you can find free parking spaces about 5m walk from the boarding place.

Berlengas are a nature reserve, so you must respect local rules, namely: walk only on authorized trails, bring back to Peniche all the garbage you produce during the tour and do not pick plants or interact with animals.

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