Terms and conditions

The advertised prices apply to round-trip trips made on the same day within the pre-established times.

Berlengatours reserves the right to cancel the reservation without the customer incurring any costs in the event of:

  • Unfavorable sea conditions;
  • Technical damage to the vessel;
  • Insufficient number of passengers;
  • Customer does not show up at the sales stands 30 minutes before the start of the trip to collect the ticket;
  • Failure to make advance payment;
  • No-show 15 minutes before departure time;
  • Improper or risky conduct;

Berlengatours reserves the right of non-reimbursement in the event of:

  • Canceling the trip or changing the number of passengers by the customer less than 24 hours in advance;
  • No show for boarding calls 15 minutes before the trip in Peniche and Berlenga;
  • No-show at the place of activities on the island of Berlenga at the stipulated time;
  • No-show 15 minutes before departure time.
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